The Joy of Soy – Tastes Great, Less Cancer!

Soy Milk, Tofu, Miso and Natto (strong-tasting fermented soybeans) are essential components of the traditional Japanese diet – and they should become part of yours! Now the anti breast cancer properties of soybeans and soy products have been confirmed in a 10-year long study of 25,000 Japanese women.

Genistein… it’s an isoflavone compound found in soybeans and other soy-based products, and scientists have zeroed in on it as the source of soy’s anti-cancer properties. The markedly lower rate of breast cancer among Japanese and other Asian women has been noted before, but only lately has the medical establishment agreed with folk wisdom that soy products loaded with genistein are the reason.

“Edamame” soybeans – boil, salt & eat!”Edamame” soybeans – boil, salt & eat!
The study, conducted by the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, monitored approximately 25,000 Japanese women between the ages of 40 and 69 for an average of 10 and a half years. The results indicated that women who had high levels of genistein in their bodies had less of a chance of developing breast cancer compared to women having lower concentrations of the compound.

So, how easy is it to boost your daily genistein intake naturally with soy and soy-based foods? It’s not hard at all, especially if you live in a larger town or city that has a few oriental markets to shop at. Here are a few of the better-known and easily available soy-based products just waiting to be added to your anti-cancer diet:

SOY MILK – You’ll almost forget it comes from beans!

Soy milk has always been a popular alternative to dairy milk but with the new buzz on soy’s anti-cancer properties, manufacturers and marketers have shifted into………

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