Asbestos Legal Information

Touted as a miracle substance to an unsuspecting public, asbestos has been used in thousands of products and in numerous workplaces. Although the harm caused by asbestos is not apparent at first, asbestos exposure can lead to serious, debilitating, and often fatal diseases. These include mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer, and asbestosis. Usually, a period of 10 to 40 years or more passes before the asbestos victim exhibits the first asbestos disease symptoms. In the workplace, there is no “safe” level of asbestos exposure.

High asbestos exposure is associated with many occupational settings including construction sites, shipyards, boiler and furnace maintenance, railroads, manufacturing plants, auto repair shops, and mines. Potential asbestos exposure can also occur at schools, homes and public buildings if asbestos products have fallen into disrepair or become damaged. Even some unpaved roads may be covered with asbestos–containing serpentine. Asbestos can also become an……….

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