Canada is the only G8 country still mining and selling asbestos

End the Export of Canadian Cancer!


In every stage of its life cycle, asbestos promiscuously sheds tiny dust fibers. Once inhaled, the fibres become tangled in lung tissues, where they wreak a cancerous havoc – typically lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma, the latter a rare, painful and terminal cancer of the linings of chest or stomach walls.

The World Health Organization estimates that asbestos kills at least 107,000 people a year – about half of all occupational cancer deaths world wide. In Canada asbestos related diseases have became the number one occupational cause of death. By now strict occupational health and safety rules protect Canadian workers’ exposure to the mineral.

The federal government spends millions to rid Parliament and other government buildings, under the strictest protective guidelines, of its remaining asbestos. But they have not offered any support for our aging schools and public buildings which are also riddled with chrysotile asbestos. Canadian medical and health association and especially Canada’s cancer societies have repeatedly called on……

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