VACC-STAMP – painless way to give vaccine shots

I would do anything to not make my baby go through painful vaccinations, but the hard truth is that they simply must. Keeping this in mind we have the VACC-STAMP, which offers a safe and painless way to give vaccine shots. It leaves them with a heart-shaped stamp on their skin rather than a face full of tears!

When the buttons on the sides of VACC-STAMP are pressed, a micro needle is injected.

It is so small that it causes no pain. At the same time, an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant mixture is ‘stamped’ on the skin to prevent secondary infection.
The stamp takes the shape of a cute heart icon, which stimulates the…….

Read More» VACC-STAMP by Han Dhojin, Han Chanhee, Kwon Yoonjoo & Yoon Sejin » Yanko Design.

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